Friday, November 1, 2013

Matt's love/hate relatinoship with running

Matt ran a marathon a couple of years ago and when he finished he said he would NEVER, EVER, EVER run one again. Well, he lied. We got two passes for the Ogden marathon (which is so hard to get into these days without a connection). I wanted one but since I was due at the end of April a marathon 4 weeks later wasn't going to happen so Matt decided he would do it. He took one pass and gave the other to his co-resident at work. He trained so hard and cut his time by 30 minutes. Part of his training was a 16 mile trail run on Antelope Island. It ended up being a beautiful March day and he didn't get attacked by a buffalo. The day of the Ogden marathon in May it started raining the day before and never stopped. It was a long and cold 26 miles but he did it (and beat his time). It was an adventure getting the kids there and keeping dry. But we loved seeing him cross the finish line. Once again after he finished he said he was done running full marathons. Given how much time he spent training for this one, I am ok with that!!

Trail Race

Ogden Marathon

Asher's Blessing

We were so excited to bless this guy on June 2, 2013. He was only six weeks old but it was the perfect time with all of our family here so we did it. He was such a great sport (as always) and Matt gave him a beautiful blessing. I am so grateful Matt can do it and that he cares so much about what he is going to say. It turned out amazing.

In additional to our wonderful family and friends in Utah, we had a bunch friends from Omaha that have either moved back or were here visiting come to the blessing. They are really like family and were so happy they could come. 

In the circle: (so I don't forget someday)
Tom Jorgensen
Chad Jorgensen
Jason Gerlach
Rick Smith
Vaughn Jacobsen
Tom Miller
Darren Mackay
Brett Richins
Joseph Johnson
Ryan Burt
Neil Hjorth

Monday, July 1, 2013

18 months

On June 5 Charlotte turned 18 months. How did my baby get so old. I love this girl to pieces. I feel lucky to spend everyday with her (even when she is being a little monster).

I know I am forgetting a million things I want to remember but this is her in a nutshell..

She LOVES to read and has her favorite books that we can read again and again and again. She will cuddle and read for hours.
Would live outside if I let her. We spend all day walking around and exploring.
Loves basketball ("Bat Ball" as she calls it). She wants to go into the gym at church constantly on Sundays and will watch a game if it is on in a restaurant.
Loves the water. Jumps in the pool, off diving boards, goes down water slides, and going under doesn't bother her one bit.
Favorite toy at the playground is the slide.
Favorite food is blueberries.
Wants to play chase in the house with dad.
Talking up a storm. The minute she hit 18 months she just went crazy. She will repeat a lot of words I tell her and probably has 30-40 that she says all the time. My favorite is how she say yes to everything.
Always wants to sleep in our bed.
Hates to brush her teeth. It kills Matt but it is a struggle every night.
Loves our iphones and know how to work them better than we do even though I never let her play with them.
Is starting to be independent about everything she does.
Her favorite toy is probably her shopping cart and love to push real one at the store.
She loves her brother and wants to hold him all the time.
Is afraid of animals.